At MaxLove Project, we invest in hope. Today, nearly 80% of all children diagnosed with some cancers survive beyond 5 years. While this is great news for many, the fight for most is never over. Researchers now know that the treatments that save lives also increase later risks for serious, life-threatening illnesses. These health risks are lifelong, increase with age, and can result in early death. This is why we’re kickstarting our own wellness revolution, one specifically for kids and families fighting cancer and the lifelong effects of cancer treatment. 

Our goal is to radically improve quality of life and significantly lower lifelong health risks for childhood cancer patients and survivors though our evidence-based BE SUPER 7-Point Action Plan. It’s centered on healing nutrition, sleep, physical activity, stress reduction, positive mindset, supportive community, and limiting exposure to harmful chemicals. These are all the things kids and families can do together to thrive during treatment and throughout a lifetime of survivorship. We believe that every cancer fighter deserves to have access to resources, education, and support that allows them to BE SUPER!  

The BE SUPER Plan involves seven SuperActions:

  • Boost yourself with super thoughts (a positive, growth mindset)


  • Eat super fierce foods (high-nutrient, whole foods) -


  • Sleep super peacefully (healthy sleep practices)


  • Unleash your super strength (increase physical activity)


  • Practice super mindfulness (mindful stress-management)


  • Enlist your super community (seek healthy social support)


  • Refresh your super surroundings (non-toxic living)


We support each "Action Point" by utilizing what we call "Super Ways". 

1.     Education and cognitive neurodevelopment support
2.     Small groups - social networks
3.     Therapeutic arts
4. Complementary medicine: acupuncture, massage, yoga, healing touch, mindfulness meditation, reiki techniques, equine therapy, psychological support, as well as physical, occupational, speech and talk therapies

We're a team, a diverse group of doctors, researchers, nurses, dietitians, chefs, farmers, and parents dedicated to changing the odds for childhood cancer survivors by supporting families in 7 key areas of health, or what we call our BeSuper Action Plan.

These super-powered healthy lifestyle practices are not always easy or intuitive. The goal of MaxLove Project is to make them accessible, achievable, and kid-friendly. Above all, MaxLove Project is guided by rigorous evidence, family feedback, and real-world effectiveness. 

By focusing on quality of life care, fierce foods, whole-body wellness resources, education and research, we aim to empower families to make, change, and achieve goals for lifelong healthy survivorship. We believe that true health starts when families are supported as active partners in their child’s healing and lifelong wellness.

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