MaxLove Project's Farm to Fork Dinners: Community dinners fighting childhood cancers.

Last year, MaxLove Project celebrated our first annual Farm to Fork Dinner at the beautiful Tanaka Farms in Southern California to honor the heroes in our community, celebrate thrivership, and to simply have some fun. Having our event near our office is awesome for everyone in the area – but our community stretches SO much further! This year we’re not just hosting another dinner at Tanaka Farms, we’re also inviting our entire community to join in by hosting their own Farm to Fork dinners across the country. We may not be able to celebrate together face-to-face, but we can celebrate as a community in spirit!

Big or small, your MaxLove Farm to Fork Dinner can be anything you want. Make dinner for a few friends, have a larger potluck or BBQ, or ask a local restaurant to host your event. Whatever works for you works for us! All we ask is that you host your dinner sometime during the week of October 9th through the 15th. We’ll be having an online auction to raise money for MaxLove Project and it will end at the close of our Farm to Fork Dinner on the evening of the 15th.

We'd love to have you and your community join the movement for culinary medicine and essential cancer/nutrition research!

Farm to Fork Dinner Checklist:

Your dinner will be whatever you want, but here's some guidance to MaxLove-ify your event (pick and choose what feels right for you).

  • Get started: Start a fundraising page and create a team. Invite your friends to participate by asking them to also start a fundraising page within your team (it's easy!). Set a goal to participate, like $25 or $50 (depending on your event type).

  • Consider honoring a local hero and please be sure to tell the world their story and why they inspire you.

  • We'll be sharing food inspiration leading up to the event to help with menu planning.

  • Try to use at least one locally-sourced ingredient (farm to fork), but if it’s an obstacle, forget it. Technically, all food comes from a farm.

  • Dance to the same tunes with us using this MaxLove playlist. [coming soon]

  • Post photos online using the hashtag #mlpfarmdinner to help digitally connect our community. Be sure to tag @maxloveproject!

undraising Prizes:

While we want you to have fun with your Farm to Fork dinner, we’d also deeply appreciate your help in raising funds for our esential thrivership programs. Here’s an incentive: If you raise $500, you’ll receive our Farm to Fork gift set of a tote bag and awesome dish towels. If you raise $1000, you’ll receive all of that plus a custom MaxLove Project cutting board. And if you raise $2000 and above, you’ll receive all of those items plus a Gold Apron in honor of our Gold Apron Society chefs. 


  • Set a goal. Fundraising is always far more successful with a goal in mind. You can either vocally let people know your goal or put up a sign (or several or table tents or something) to let people know your goal.

  • Familiarize yourself with our fundraising platform (the site you're on now). After you set up your fundraising page, play around with the site to ensure you’re prepared to confidently engage your guests with the platform.

  • Don't forget to share your fundraising page on social media!

  • Make sure your guests sign up for your event by joining your team and starting their own fundraising pages themselves. Maybe give them a $50 goal to participate in the event? Or make it a competition between your guests and award something fun or cool to the winner. 

  • Share your inspiration. Why do you love MaxLove? Share your personal story or share a MaxLove video (like this one [HYPERLINK] to help people understand why they should donate.

  • Just ask. People will almost assuredly donate if you make the request with them in person. You don’t need to make the request individually, just make a vocal request to the group at least once (after you share your inspiration).

    Questions? Email us at