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Welcome to our one-stop shop for daily items that help SuperFamilies thrive with our B.E. S.U.P.E.R Action Plan. Everything on these pages has been carefully curated by our team of health practitioners, researchers, SuperParents, and SuperKids. And what's better: for every item purchased by clicking on a link from our store, a portion of the sale price will be donated to MaxLove Project through Amazon's Affiliate Program.*  


Super Foods

It's hard to BE SUPER without SUPER foods! The majority of SUPER foods are fresh items that are best purchased at a farmer's market or grocery store. But for those pantry items that we can buy in bulk, there's no better place to go than Amazon. Check out our carefully curated list of SUPER foods that are staples in the kitchens of all our MaxLove SuperFamilies.


Super Supplements

The best place to get supplements is from food. But it's not always so easy! From cancer-treatment-related restrictions to a busy, fast-paced lifestyle to picky-eating, there are dozens of reasons for not being able to get all the necessary micronutrients into our kids' (or our) diets. So, we've put together a very limited list of supplements (more is not always better!) from high-quality producers to make it SUPER easy to cover your supplemental bases. 


Super Books

Knowledge = power! Even if we know what we should be doing, we might not know why we should be doing it. We've collected dozens of books that explain the science behind our BE SUPER protocol (like why getting healthy sleep, eating health fats, or avoiding sugar are so important). We've got everything from hard science to beautiful cookbooks. Check it out!

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Super Tools

From Batman and his gadgets to Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth, the best superheroes have their SUPER tools. Our SUPER tools help us get better sleep, cook healthier foods, get more physical activity, and better manage our stress. We've got everything from SuperMax the Turtle that aids in healthy sleep to kitchen essentials. Check it out!

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