Camp Make & Believe

therapeutic arts & healing narrative support

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At MaxLove Project we believe that every child should have the opportunity to thrive in the face of even the toughest odds. And the first step to thriving is learning how to make meaning out of a frightening cancer diagnosis.

Through MLP’s Camp Make & Believe, we help kids tell their own super hero story of fighting bad guy cancer cells with super-medicine (chemo), lasers (radiation), healthy sleep, fierce foods, physical activity, and a super-powered team of doctors, parents, siblings, and friends. We do this through hands-on arts and crafts as well as our brand new Super-Duper Kids' Thrive Guide, an innovative coloring/workbook that guides kids in telling their own "super" story. Camp Make & Believe is held in children's hospitals in Southern California and packaged in every Super Kit sent to a SuperKid.