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Coaches fighting cancer

Together we're taking a stand in the fight against childhood cancers!


Tustin Western Little League (TWLL)

We're proud to partner with Tustin Western Little League (TWLL) on our second annual Coaches Fighting Cancer event. In 2017, TWLL coaches and families raised over $27,000 for the cause!  This year we're honoring our hero, Carter Ankeny, at our big game on April 29th. Join us for a super fun afternoon to help families thrive in the face of cancer. 

Gerrit Cole, Houston Astros pitcher and TWLL alum, cheers on the coaches supporting MaxLove Project's Coaches Fighting Cancer campaign.

To sign-up for this year's campaign and to learn more, please click the link below.


Be sure to save the date for our big game on April 29th at 4:00pm at the TWLL fields!

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Email us at with campaign questions, to volunteer, or for partnership opportunities.

Fifth Annual Angels Night

Join us for our Fifth Annual MaxLove Angels Night on May 15th. The Angels will be playing the Houston Astros and we're excited to cheer on both our Angels and our buddy, Gerrit Cole, TWLL Alum and Astros pitcher.

Coaches Fighting Cancer Campaign Info

Coaches Fighting Cancer is an innovative co-fundraiser that partners your nonprofit youth sports league with MaxLove Project, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children and their families thrive while fighting pediatric cancers and beyond.

Who can do it?

Any youth sports league or chapter can do it. All you need is a dedicated crew willing to do the work of communicating the mission, scheduling the event and activities, and recruiting coaches to fundraise and play in a game against each other.

Why should my league do it?

Coaches Fighting Cancer not only raises funds, but it also builds community. When we’re all working together for something greater than ourselves by raising funds for kids fighting cancer, it brings us together.  We create a culture of philanthropy for our children. We see another side to the people we compete against, and our leagues are stronger for it. Plus, whether you’re on the field or in the bleachers, it’s really fun!

How does it work?

A Coaches Fighting Cancer event involves two teams of coaches playing against each other in a game. To qualify to play in the game, a coach must reach a MaxLove Project fundraising minimum, with the fundraising occurring online in a peer-to-peer setting in the weeks leading up to the event date. Team members, friends, and families can all donate to help a coach reach their goal. The league sets the game rules. Any additional activities that happen on game day are all fundraisers for your league: You can sell official Coaches Fighting Cancer apparel and merch, sell tickets, bring in food trucks or kids’ activities, or whatever you can dream up. Grandparents, friends, and families will all come out to enjoy the day.

How will MaxLove Project work with my league?

We’ll help with the website setup for fundraising, hook you up with our merch vendor, provide a toolkit for success based on events, and consult as needed for prizes, logistics, promotions, and advertising. Your league will provide the venue, the date, and an enthusiastic team of volunteers willing to spread the word, recruit coaches, and handle the event planning and execution. Board members, team parents, and other leaders are all great candidates.

How can I learn more?

Email us at