MLP Board Reflection & Renewal Form

MaxLove Project Board of Directors positions are renewable terms of one year. This form is designed to collect Board member reflections and express intentions for the coming year. We'll reflect on this feedback together for future planning and Board development. As you all know, we're building the Board together, working on not only supporting the growth of our team but also on ensuring that we facilitate an environment conducive to optimizing strengths and therefore impact to the organization and families we serve. Your reflections and feedback are invaluable for this growth and development process.

Thanks so much for your time and service to MaxLove Project and the families we serve! Together we're making such positive change for families facing childhood cancers!

Name *
So we can celebrate you!
2018-2019 Renewal *
Would you like to renew your position on the MLP Board of Directors for 2018-2019? As a reminder, to fulfill service requirements, Board members are asked to attend 75% of the meetings, represent at events, serve on the F2F committee and at least one other, and give/get a minimum of $1500 in contributions for the year.
Emeritus Board
If you responded no to the question above, are you interested in continuing your support to MLP on our "Emeritus Board". This group is recognized for it's contributions to MLP and remains on our invite lists for events and meetings, but has no service requirements.
Executive Board Leadership *
Are you interested in a leadership position on the Executive Board? This would require at least two in-person meetings per month, including the monthly Board meeting. Executive Board leaders are also asked to chair committees. Let us know if you would like to be considered!
Please describe your reflections on your achievements and contributions as a Board member for MLP in the past year. What are you most excited about? What are you most energized by? What are you most proud of? Maybe it's a gift to the organization that you've secured or a connection you've made for us or the volunteer hours that you've given or a program that you worked on.
Please detail what you'd like to work on in the future. Now that you know the organization better, what are the opportunities that you can identify for your service? Is there something that you're particularly passionate about that you'd like to pursue?
Is there anything that you'd like improve or work on in the next year? Do you have any growth areas in mind? How can we best support you in these efforts and areas? What resources do you need?
Please consider what MLP can do as an organization to better support the Board of Directors. What suggestions do you have to share? Is there anything that you see that you could help with or ways that you can assist?
Feel free to share any other thoughts or questions!