• SuperKid Ambassador Program

Application FORM
(closes 2/12)

Each February we convene our League of SuperKid Ambassadors for an awesome collective giving campaign! 

Our SuperKid Ambassador program was created to help SuperKids benefit from the important and therapeutic work of giving. Our SuperKid Ambassadors are kids/families who are survivors of cancer and other life-threatening diseases or bereaved SuperSiblings/SuperFamilies who sign-up to deliver therapeutic gifts (Cloud b's SuperMax the Turtle) to their hospital/treatment facility.

SuperKid Ambassador teams will share their stories with their communities throughout the month of February, giving friends, loved ones, and the community the opportunity to give and support each local Ambassador project. After the February campaign ends, Ambassadors will be mailed the tools they need to create a great Super Max the Turtle giving project at their hospital or treatment facility. Ambassadors will plan a giving day with their local Child Life or nursing team, thus sharing each community's love with hospitalized SuperKids.


  • SuperKid Ambassador participants must be SuperKids, SuperSibs or SuperFamilies (in treatment, survivorship, or bereavement) with ties to their local hospital. 
  • Campaign is open to SuperKids and SuperFamilies in the US only.
  • Teams are asked to fundraise, simply for the cost of products, shipping and to support SuperKids who sign-up to receive our BeSuper & Thrive Welcome Kits.
  • Fundraisers can be anyone, anywhere! All are welcome to jump in and support a SuperKid Ambassador team!
  • Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and the process closes on Feb. 12th to ensure sufficient time for fundraising.


  1. Submit Application (below) and send pictures as instructed.
  2. MLP Staff will reach out with further information and your unique campaign page.
  3. Fundraise! The campaign runs for the month of February. MLP will be posting SuperKid stories throughout the month so be on the lookout!
  4. For each $200 raised by an individual, MaxLove Project will send a SuperKid Ambassador two (2) cases of Cloud b's original SuperMax the Turtle therapeutic nightlights (one blue and one pink, each case containing six) for you to bring to your local hospital and give out to SuperKiddos just like you, along with brochures and a gift pack, just for you! Teams in the US raising over $400 will have the opportunity in include our original Hope Beanie in their deliveries as well. Any remaining funds raised will be used to send our BeSuper & Thrive Welcome Kits to families throughout the US.
  5.  Once the campaign closes, MLP staff will be in touch to notify you of what will be shipped and when to expect the items. You can prepare by deciding how you'd like to package your goodies, look for our follow-up emails for more info.
  6. Send us pictures of your deliveries and tag us on social media -- we will be sharing your amazing stories!

PLEASE NOTE: Each SuperKid Ambassador is responsible for arranging the hospital visit with their hospital contacts. We suggest contacting the Child Life Department. Each hospital has different rules, policies and procedures for donations and visits. Some will allow Ambassadors to simply make the donation in the lobby while others will allow you to visit the oncology floor, while others will provide space and time for you to visit the outpatient infusion center. We are thrilled with any option the hospital provides and our only suggestion is to work with the hospital to ensure that the team honors the work of the Ambassador maybe with at least a certificate or word of thanks.

SuperKid Ambassador's Name *
SuperKid Ambassador's Name
SuperParent's Name *
SuperParent's Name
Mailing/Shipping Address *
Mailing/Shipping Address
Please provide the mailing address (where we will ship the SuperMax the Turtles)
We would like to highlight your SuperKid during the campaign to aid in his or her fundraising efforts.
Please let us know if the SuperKid has any SuperSibs!
We would like to highlight your SuperKid during the campaign to aid in his or her fundraising efforts!
Pictures *
Please send 2-5 of your favorite pictures of your SuperKid/SuperFamily to info@maxloveproject.org.