Cancer Mommas Share 10 Ways to Support Families Facing Childhood Cancer

What really stands out is that families need support and most often aren’t in the position to request it. The childhood cancer journey is pretty universally financially devastating for a myriad of reasons, no one is ever prepared for the financial burden that comes with trying to save a child’s life. Families expressed the need for gift cards, house cleaning, laundry, carpooling support, food, sibling care, and fundraising. Others express the need to remain included by friends, to receive visits and text messages, continued support and care even as the years pass, and for forgiveness when things are rough. Overall, presence, love, connection, generosity, grace and advocacy stand out to us as the main themes throughout these candid reflections.

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Don't Forget About You: 4 powerful ways to support self-care through hardship

Is it possible to find beauty in the storm?  Can you create joy despite the pain? Is it selfish to do something for yourself in the middle of chaos?  Joy and laughter seem bleak and unattainable during trials. Putting on Chapstick might be the only thing that you could fester up the energy to do for yourself in the mornings.  But joy and laughter spark some of the best memories, they give us hope, and they are contagious. Contagious for those around you, and for those watching from afar. Your tragedy can become a triumph and self-care could be the spark that is needed to initiate a cascade of beauty.  

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On behalf of the MaxLove Project team and the thousands of childhood cancer families we served this past year, we are so deeply grateful for your continued support. 2018 was a banner year for us because of change-makers like you. This year we served more childhood cancer families, saw a greater improvement in their health and quality of life, and laid the groundwork for several new programs that will revolutionize quality of life and preventive care for childhood cancer families everywhere. We couldn’t be more honored to have earned your support this past year, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for 2019.

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Erin Long