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This is a big deal. For the first time ever, MaxLove Project is giving its supporters an exclusive opportunity to experience the BE SUPER Action Plan in the same way as childhood cancer parents — with a trained peer health coach, in a small, private online group, supported by scientific, evidence-based information and skill-building designed by our top-notch behavioral health team.

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Summer’s coming and we want to get fit! More seriously, when we present on our programs and research, so many of our supporters say, “Hey the BE SUPER Action Plan isn’t just for childhood cancer families! I need that too!” Well, we listened! Through our new program that trains experienced childhood cancer parents to become peer health coaches, we now have a team of highly-skilled, knowledgeable coaches ready to take others through the BE SUPER Actions in a personalized, evidence-based way. By the end of the 21-days, you’ll be on your way to incorporating all of the daily actions that help anyone—not just families affected by childhood cancer—flourish and thrive.

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Be one of the first 30 supporters to donate $100 below and you will be entered into a 21-Day BE SUPER Bootcamp private small group of 5-9 other supporters who share similar characteristics: gender, age, and health goals. Based on social network science, all of our BE SUPER programs work to leverage natural social support to encourage positive change and supportive sharing. Each BE SUPER Bootcamp group will be led by a MaxLove Project trained peer health coach.

This supporters-only BE SUPER Bootcamp will be conducted May 5-25, just in time to get fit for the summer! Supporters can sign up through midnight April 28th. Bootcampers will be entered into their private online small group and receive introductory materials on May 3rd.



This is the best part: it’s wherever you and your phone are. The Bootcamp will be completely mobile with your small, private group on Facebook, connected via Messenger with your health coach and peers. All BE SUPER informational materials will be delivered via email and within the Facebook group.

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Join the BE SUPER Supporter 21-Day Bootcamp