We’ve compiled the questions we’re asked most frequently below. If you can’t find the answer to your question below then please reach out to us at



Do you have MaxLove family groups outside of Southern California?

MaxLove Project is based in Southern California, and this is where we have concentrated the Ohana Project, our study of the effectiveness of MaxLove Project programs on specific groups of families. However, we provide significant online social support, dietician consults, our BeSuper Action Plan, educational materials, and much more to families wherever they are.


What hospitals across the U.S. do you service?

MaxLove Project serves individual families nationwide and even worldwide, regardless of hospital. Many of the families we serve are in our local community of Orange County, CA, and they found us through CHOC Children’s Hospital or orther area children’s hospitals. We work with several hospitals nationwide on our Culinary Medicine Collaborative, including CHOC; Willett Children’s in Savannah, GA; and Banner Diamond Children’s Hospital in Tucson, AZ. It is our goal to bring Culinary Medicine to as many children’s hospitals as possible. Our SuperKid Ambassadors have delivered our “Love + Light” packages to over 50 hospitals across the US and in five countries around the world!


What can I do to support MLP that does not include donating?

Volunteering your time and/or expertise is a great way to support. We need volunteers to help at large and small events, in the office, and with occasional special projects. Another huge way you can help is by liking, following, and commenting on our posts on social media. Sign up for our MaxLove Project Volunteer Network  to stay informed about opportunities and more.


How do I sign up to get involved in the volunteer network?

Thanks for wanting to volunteer! We’d love to have you! It’s easy to stay informed about volunteer opportunities with MLP. You can join our Volunteer Network HERE.


I’d like to refer a family to MLP. How do I do that?

Families at any point in their childhood cancer journey who would like to reach out to MaxLove Project or just want to learn more can begin HERE. The link to for a family to sign up is HERE. Families are also welcome to touch base at Just for reference, we only work directly with parents/caregivers who reach out directly to us. Our of respect for family privacy and the uniqueness of each journey, MLP will not reach out without explicit consent.


How do families hear about MaxLove Project or get connected after a diagnosis?

Families connect with MaxLove Project in any number of ways. They may be referred by a health practitioner, a friend, or they may find MLP in their own research. Families at any point in their childhood cancer journey who would like to reach out to MaxLove Project or just want to learn more can begin HERE. The link to for a family to sign up is HERE. Families are also welcome to touch base at


How often do families get to meet with other families in treatment?

Nationwide, MaxLove Project primarily offers online social support rather than physical meeting dates, so families can connect in their own way and in their own time. In Southern California we offer our Fierce Foods Academy cooking classes, Ohana Project, BeSuper Survivorship Days at CHOC, MaxLove Mommas and Forever Mommas events all designed to facilitate therapeutic social support. Families can learn more about our Southern California programs and projects HERE.


Can I refer a friend/family out of the area to receive MLP supports?

Families from anywhere in the world can reach out to MaxLove Project or learn more HERE. MaxLove Project’s online social support is always available, and the B.E. S.U.P.E.R. Action Plan is designed for anyone to be able to implement at home.


How do I connect with other families online?

The link to for a family to sign up is HERE to request to join our SuperFamilies Support Network on Facebook.


What makes MLP different from other childhood cancer groups or nonprofits?

MLP is the only childhood cancer non-profit that focuses exclusively on improving quality of life and reducing long-term health risks for all families affected by childhood cancer. Our goal is to ensure that every kid diagnosed with cancer thrives against the odds.


What are the programs that MaxLove Project funds?

MaxLove Project counts on our amazing donors to fund all of our programs.
These include:

  • Ohana Project (pioneering, family-centered integrative medicine)

  • Culinary Medicine (cooking classes, social support, nutrition education)

  • Family Support Programs (local Fierce Foods Academy cooking classes, BeSuper Survivorship Days at CHOC Children’s, Broth Bank, online social support, B.E. S.U.P.E.R. Action Plan, BeSuper Party therapeutic arts, dietitian consultation scholarships, MaxLove Mommas, Forever Mommas, Thrive Parties and more!)


Does MaxLove Project work only with kids in current treatment? If not for how long out of treatment can children benefit from MLP programs?

We work with kids and families in and out of treatment. Because childhood cancer survivors can face lifelong health problems, there’s no end date to the benefits of MLP programs. We also work with families in bereavement. One you’re a part of the MaxLove family, you’re always a part of the family!


Is MaxLove Project a foundation? What’s the difference?

MaxLove Project is not a foundation. MaxLove Project is a nonprofit that provides its own programs. In contrast, foundations support public charities such as MaxLove Project by providing grants. Foundations generally do not provide their own programs.


Does MaxLove Project give money to kids with cancer?

No. Instead, MaxLove Project provides programs and support to help kids and families thrive during cancer treatment and beyond. We also support families with full-funded nutrition consultations with our amazing team of dietitians.


What are the requirements for volunteering with MaxLove Project in the hospital? Are they different from volunteering in another setting?

MaxLove Project’s hospital-based events, such as those at CHOC, take place in public spaces at the hospital, so no special clearance is required. However, volunteers must be at least 18 years old per CHOC’s requirements. Also, taking photos of patients or CHOC associates is prohibited. MaxLove Project volunteers do not visit patient rooms.


Is the Ketogenic Diet MaxLove Project’s main focus in FIerCe Foods Culinary Medicine?

No. The main focus of our Fierce Foods Culinary Medicine program is on helping families use nutrient dense whole foods to improve quality of life and reduce long-term health problems in the context of childhood cancer treatment and survivorship care. This whole food approach includes a wide range of macronutrient ratios and diet philosophies. As we say on our Introduction to Ketogenic Diets, ketogenic diets represent a specific nutritional approach that is appropriate for certain cancers in particular contexts. Their appropriateness depends on several factors that include diagnosis, prognosis, the oncology team’s willingness to work with the family, and the families capacity to manage and maintain the diet.


How does MaxLove support families with the Ketogenic Diet?

We support families through education, resources, and a private peer support group of parents experienced with implementing ketogenic diets in the context of various cancer treatments.


What types of integrative medicine does MaxLove Project support?

Our focus is on behavioral health, which means all of the actions we as parents can engage in on a daily basis to help our kids (and ourselves) get healthy, have optimal quality of life, and reduce risks of future health problems. These actions are represented in our B.E. S.U.P.E.R Action Plan. All of our programs center around helping families learn about and engage in these actions in effective and kid-friendly ways. While we do support more traditional integrative modalities such as acupuncture, medicinal cannabis education, and yoga, we do so through specific time-limited programs like the Ohana Project. To learn more about our programs, visit our programs page.


How can my family enroll in the Ohana Project?

The Ohana Project is currently being evaluated in Orange County for different childhood cancer populations. If you are at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, you can contact us through the form below to see if a program evaluation cohort that matches your family’s situation is in the recruiting process.

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How do I find integrative medicine practitioners in my area?

We currently do not have a directory for pediatric integrative medicine practitioners. Many parents have found the Institute for Functional Medicine’s “Find a Practitioner” search tool to be helpful.


Does MaxLove Project support the use of cannabis in cancer treatment?

We do not directly support the use of cannabis in cancer treatment, but offer families educational resources to learn more about available scientific research, parent experiences, and potential benefits.