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MaxLove Project is — literally — an active collection of high-impact projects. We are not a static “foundation” but a dynamic innovator for positive change in pediatric healthcare. Our projects include complex health behavior interventions, kid-friendly cooking classes, moderated peer support, tangible quality-of-life resources, and funding research that focuses on how families can help their kids heal through daily health behaviors.

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The ohana project

Leveraging the natural connection and support that childhood cancer parents provide each other, the Ohana Project is a months-long, small-group health-promotion intervention. It connects parents whose children have similar diagnoses in small, moderated online peer-support groups and gives them group-based acupuncture, behavioral health education, and parent-wellness resources. Having been rigorously evaluated for families of pediatric brain tumor patients in an IRB-approved study, the program is currently being expanded to young adult survivors of childhood cancer, and families of leukemia patients.

culinary medicine collaborative

MaxLove Project has been conducting childhood-cancer-focused cooking classes in community teaching kitchens since 2013. In 2017, we began working with the clinical nutrition team at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to bring our “Fierce Foods” curriculum into the hospital setting through an innovative mobile teaching kitchen cart. In 2018, we brought University of Arizona Diamond Children’s Hospital and Willett Children’s of Savannah together with CHOC to create the first Culinary Medicine Collaborative for piloting new recipes and program guidelines for mobile teaching kitchens in children’s hospitals. Today, we are growing the program across the country, expanding recipes, developing new nutrition science lesson plans, and revising guidelines for different hospital contexts.

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family support services

MaxLove Project has organically grown several programs that fall under the general rubric of “family support.”

  • Thrive Kits are packages of wellness resources and information we provide to newly diagnosed families.

  • The Super-Duper Kids Thrive Guide is a beautiful, professionally designed activity book for childhood cancer patients, their siblings, and friends. It focuses on the power of healthy behaviors, friends and family, and a positive mindset.

  • The Fierce Foods Guide is an attractive, professionally designed, and expert-reviewed introduction to nutrition science, whole-food cooking, and smart, nutrient-dense grocery shopping.

  • The Online BE SUPER Support Group is a professionally moderated online peer-support group that provides families with behavioral health science and recommendations, health coaching, and parent-peer encouragement.

  • The Broth Bank is an initiative to provide families in treatment with real, made-from-scratch broth. Each week, we purchase almost 60 quarts of artisinal bone broth from local health-focused restaurants and distribute them to families in cancer treatment and survivorship at Children’s Hospital of Orange County and in Southern California.

  • Fierce Mommas Nights Out are quarterly peer support events for childhood cancer moms in Southern California to connect, learn, and refresh.

  • Thrive Parties are monthly kid-focused therapeutic arts programs held at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. We use kid-friendly arts and crafts to teach families about different aspects of our BE SUPER Action Plan.


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