Keto for Cancer

Ketogenic diets (KD) are very low-carbohydrate, adequate protein, high-fat diets that cause the body to use fat as a primary fuel. There are many different ways to do the diet but each type of KD has the common goals of 1) lowering blood glucose (i.e., blood sugar), 2) lowering insulin (the hormone in our bodies that lets our cells use blood sugar for energy), and 3) raising ketone bodies (i.e., smaller molecules our livers produce from fat that our cells can use for energy in place of blood sugar). By altering the levels of these three substances in the blood, KDs can potentially suppress growth in many types of tumors. While scientists do not see KDs as standalone therapies, there is growing evidence that they may substantially boost the effect of other treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy, and PI3K inhibitors. Please use the menu below to access our Ketogenic Diet resources.


Introduction to the ketogenic diet

Learn more about the Ketogenic Diet as adjuvant cancer therapy. This resource offers research publication citations as well as a Spanish language version for download.

Keto Research Review

Our Director of Research and Programs developed this comprehensive research review to make it easier to source and understand peer-reviewed studies related to the Ketogenic Diet and cancer.

getting started with the ketogenic diet

We’ve compiled some very easy tips to get started plus introductory online resources.

Cooking Keto

This is a great simplified resource for how to get started with cooking keto!

ketogenic diet resources

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite online keto resources to help families get started.

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Keto Videos

We’ve compiled a list of our top ten keto videos. Check it out!

10 Benefits of the ketogenic Diet

We’ve outlined 10 simplified evidence-based benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for cancer.