SuperFamily Nutritional Consultation Application Form

At MaxLove Project, we invest in hope. Together, we're kickstarting our own food revolution, one specifically for kids fighting cancer and life-threatening illnesses. An anticancer diet, in our view, can't stand in place of a standard treatment protocol. But it should be a complementary or integrative part of the standard protocol. An anticancer diet can help patients thrive during treatment, increase the efficacy of treatment, and maintain optimum health and wellbeing after treatment. This, we believe, is what all our kids need to build a great foundation for healthy survivorship. 

We are proud to offer full scholarships to families enrolled in our Fierce Foods Academy who are seeking further assistance with non-clinical supportive care nutrition support and dietary interventions. We work with amazing dietitians/nutritionists to help you achieve your dietary/lifestyle goals for your family as you face a life-threatening childhood illness, such as cancer.

We advocate for a therapeutic pathway that starts wherever you are and ends in the therapeutic zone that best fits your child's and family's needs. We believe in bio-individuality and an evidence-based approach to nutrition. This means that we all have different needs based on our unique genetic makeup, health conditions, and health goals. It also means that only good science will lead us on an educated path toward family wellness. The latest science suggests that an optimal anticancer diet will be nutrient dense, low-glycemic, and anti-inflammatory. What this means in practice will differ for different families, but it broadly means that we need to reduce our intake of refined carbohydrates and processed foods and increase our intake of whole foods, like nutrient dense vegetables, fish, meat and eggs. Depending on your therapeutic needs and starting point, our dietitians will work with your family to develop reasonable goals and strategies that aim to empower you in home to do all you can to thrive against the odds. 

Please use this form to apply for a Nutrition Consultation Scholarship with MaxLove Project. 

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