Our Team

The MaxLove Project team is made up of a group of extraordinarily dedicated individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of all SuperKids and SuperFamilies and works behind the scenes to support the mission of the organization.


Audra DiPadova Wilford, MA, FMCHC

Co-Founder, Chief Hope Officer


Justin wilford, Phd

Co-Founder, Director of Research and Programs


Paula Gewertz

Director of Development & Operations

Why I love MaxLove: Every effort, every initiative, is designed with authentic joy, hope and love to help empower families fighting cancer. I'm grateful to be part of helping these amazing humans stand up and keep loving, hoping, and thriving against the odds.


Jacque Stubblefield

Partnerships & Product Development

Why I love MaxLove: MaxLove Project is a community of hope that has been a huge support for our family. Childhood cancer survivors face a lifetime of life-threatening health risks, and MaxLove Project stepped up to make a difference. We are so thankful! What I love most are all the incredible kids and families we serve. Their hearts of gold, strength, and bravery inspire me every day.


Angie Ngo

Super Staffer & Office Manager

Why I love MaxLove: MaxLove Project is nonprofit organization that is built on the foundation of a community of people who are ready to do what they can to help fulfill the mission of empowering kids fighting cancer. We're small but mighty, and always growing, all thanks to the love and support that we are surrounded with. It's an honor and and a privilege to be a part of it all. 


Blakely Page, R.D.

Registered Dietitian

I have been a Registered Dietitian since 2004 after graduating with a BS in Nutritional Sciences from Oklahoma State University. I came to Kansas City after college for my dietetic internship (like a residency) and loved this city so much that I stayed! I have worked as a clinical dietitian in 3 hospitals in the metro area, had some corporate wellness experience, and most recently transitioned to the world of pediatrics through experience at a WIC (women, infants and children) clinic. I’ve been working with MaxLove Project families on supportive care in their cancer journeys for five years.


Erin Long, MA, MFTI

Project Manager

Why I Love MaxLove: I have had the privilege of being involved with MaxLove Project since it was founded, first as a volunteer and supporter and, more recently as Project Manager. Being able to help friends, the Wilfords, and other SuperFamilies has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I very much enjoy being a part of MaxLove Project’s community and the amazing work that is being done for current and future SuperFamilies.


Patty Juarez


I have been working with MLP since Fall 2014 through Jitasa. Jitasa specializes in accounting for nonprofits because they believe in the spirit of serving others. I have found the Wilfords’ dedication to MaxLove Project to be very admirable. MaxLove Project has very inspiring programs to keep spirits high. Their program keeps kids and their families involved and having fun doing so. They are such an amazing resource for kids and families that are going through difficult times. I love that I can help out such a great organization.