Parent Testimonials

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21-Day BE SUPER Bootcamp

An online program designed to bring childhood cancer parents together to learn, support each other, and engage in BE SUPER health actions that boost parent mental, emotional, and physical well-being

You guys nailed it!! This is exactly what is missing in the childhood cancer community.
— Mother, 38, child with brain tumor
I loved connecting with other moms who have faced the same challenges and not feeling alone in my experience. I found myself thinking more clearly.
— Mother, 35, child with leukemia
The daily challenges helped me have a healthier perspective throughout each day. I loved to see how much my thought process changed throughout the bootcamp.
— Mother, 35, child with brain tumor
I love how this bootcamp is parent focused. Also, connecting daily with other mommas who just get it is important and refreshing.
— Mother, 38, child with brain tumor
The Bootcamp helped me feel connected to other families like never before. It helped me focus on my own life - I ate better, slept better and felt better than I have in 4 years! I was able to reduce sugar dependency, and eat more greens and protein. My state of mind improved and I became more confident, and I felt more at peace.
— Mother, 37, child with brain tumor
Above all, it held me accountable in a positive way. It gave me all these ideas to move me towards a healthier lifestyle. While I understand it really is a transition with getting out of old habits and such, having a group and task to answer to made it feel very gratifying.
— Mother, 27, child with brain tumor
I really loved the motivation, encouragement, and fresh ideas from everyone involved! Sometimes it was just the nudge I needed to get going or keep going that day.
— Mother, 38, child with leukemia

The Ohana Project

An Orange County, California-based program that combines integrative therapies such as acupuncture, with in-person and online peer support and preventive health behavior education.

Every family that has a child battling cancer should experience the Ohana Project. The intimate community support is so important.
— Mother, 35, child with brain tumor
The most valuable thing about the Ohana Project is connecting with other parents and kids on a similar journey. We don’t feel lost and alone in this anymore.
— Mother, 37, child with brain tumor
The community aspect with Ohana is the most important. I’m so grateful to be around other families going through the same journey as my child and I. The knowledge and support I get from MaxLove are irreplaceable.
— Father, 27, child with brain tumor
I love being part of the MaxLove Project community where everyone understands what we are going through. We all feel appreciated.
— Mother, 27, child with brain tumor
Ohana provides a community of like-minded people experiencing similar challenges. It provides parents with proven scientific data and the experts that help us understand the things we can do to support our kids’ health & well-being.
— Father, 42, child with brain tumor
MaxLove Project has been our saving grace! Being recently diagnosed, they helped bring us out of our DARK place.
— Mother, 32, child with brain tumor
As parents we would do ANYTHING to take our child’s pain or discomfort or sadness away. The Ohana Project gives parents tangible things to do to help our children thrive during treatment and beyond. They connect parents and children going through a similar journey and provide them with evidence-based research, cooking classes, acupuncture, and social support through those new family connections. It is such an impactful and life changing organization that I feel provides the missing link in healthcare
— Mother, 38, child with brain tumor

Fierce Foods and other support programs

In addition to our monthly Fierce Foods Academy classes, we provide local, chef-made broth to families in treatment through the broth bank, hold regular Thrive Parties at CHOC Hospital, and send out Thrive Kits to welcome new families to MLP.

Through our cancer journey we found Maxlove project and started to really get serious about what we were eating. Through the Fierce Foods Academies our son has opened his eyes to a whole new world of food and information about why what we eat is so important to his health as well as our whole family. Maxlove has changed the way we eat and has become our extended family.
— Mother, 41, child with leukemia
I couldn’t believe as our child was undergoing cancer treatments, we had the opportunity to obtain FREE broth! This amazing elixer of soup is so healing but was so labor and time intensive to make. And now I could get it for FREE? I was (and continue to be) shocked at the generosity of the MaxLove Broth Bank and feel so fortunate to be part of this amazing place. The first time I came to pick up the broth with my son after treatment, I thought I was just picking up soup, instead I found a new family there to love us and support us through this journey. My kids love when I say we are going to MaxLove to pick up ‘superhero soup!’
— Mother, 39, child with leukemia
MaxLove Project is very dear and near to my family’s heart because it gives kids like our daughter the opportunity to thrive and defy against the odds despite having cancer with science based diet and nutrition. This is one of the very few organizations that I have found that actually is trying to change the odds for our kids facing cancer with natural theraputic treatments and have made huge strides in how hospitals look at nutrition. We are truly grateful for MaxLove and the commitments they provide to our children!
— Mother, 35, child with leukemia
Maxlove is an amazing organization. I honestly can say that I would have been completely lost in this cancer world without them. Audra and Justin are incredible people who make you feel like you are the only one in the room when they are with you. They are so loving, kind, and genuine. They made me feel like it was going to be okay in a time when my world was crashing around me as my three-year-old child was diagnosed with cancer. If I had a question, a worry, a need to just vent, they were there. I have gained a wealth of information from them and their followers from every corner of cancer that you can imagine. I don’t feel alone. I am so happy to be a part of the Maxlove cancer family. Crazy to say “happy” in the same sentence as cancer, but it is true when Maxlove is part of that sentence. I am and will forever be indebted to them.
— Mother, 41, child with Wilms tumor
Without MaxLove Project’s knowledge, grace and guidance our family wouldn’t be where we are nutritionally. They have more knowledge than I could ever fathom knowing, they are complete powerhouses!!
— Mother, 37, Hodgkin's lymphoma
MaxLove Project educated us about lifestyle and health that have greatly enhanced our daughter’s quality of life. At the Fierce Foods Academy, parents and children learn about the importance of whole food nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness and sleep quality as we practice our culinary skills. Through these events we have been empowered in our home kitchen to cook with nutrient dense ingredients and we have gained a community of like minded advocates for children’s health.
— Mother, 41, child with leukemia