Fierce Foods Academy


Culinary Medicine in Action

MaxLove Project’s Fierce Foods Academy is a collection of programs that center on risk-reducing and quality-of-life–improving whole foods. The programs range from direct education and professional counseling to social support and therapeutic arts. 

Our mission at MaxLove Project is to empower children, families, and communities fighting childhood cancers with whole-body nutrition and wellness in treatment, prevention, and survivorship.

Our Fierce Foods Philosophy

All FFA programs are guided by three primary nutritional goals:

1)    Lower inflammation through responsibly raised whole foods.

2)    Support a healthy metabolism by stabilizing blood sugar and metabolism; we do this by eliminating added sugars and refined carbohydrates.

3)    Maximize nutrient intake by focusing on nutrient-dense foods.

To these ends, FFA programs advocate broad dietary patterns that emphasize:

a)    Non-starchy vegetables and fruit

b)    Healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and full-fat dairy from grass-fed cows

c)    Responsibly raised animal protein from eggs, meat, fish, poultry and dairy

d)    Culinary “helpers” like erythritol, stevia, and psyllium husk that allow us to make low-glycemic, nutrient-dense versions of popular kid foods


1)    Anticancer nutrition is a journey, not a destination.

2)    Family matters. In child nutrition, the whole family must be united in their nutrition goals and in implementing nutritional changes.

3)    Families should only make changes they can stick with and build on in the future. Big changes are often counterproductive.

4)    We respect “bio-individuality.” Human bodies are complex. What works in one body may not work in another.

5)    Kids who handle, prepare, and help cook whole foods are more likely to eat whole foods.

Fierce Foods Academy Programs

The Fierce Foods Academy (FFA) is a collection of programs that center on risk-reducing and quality-of-life–improving whole foods. The programs range from direct education and professional counseling to social support and therapeutic arts. Learn more about each program area below.

Fierce Foods Guide

Click below for a free download of our introductory Fierce Foods Guide.

Introductory bone Broth Guide

Organic, therapeutic, restorative broth, with its blend of gut- and joint-healing amino acids, provides nutrient-packed, kid-friendly nourishment both at home and in the hospital. We collaborated with our friends at Bare Bones Broth to create a "Getting Started" informational booklet, excerpted from their incredible Bare Bones Broth cookbook. Click below for a free download of our introductory bone broth guide.

Socal cooking classes

Fierce Foods Academy Cooking Class: Our Fierce Foods Academy Cooking Class is a family-focused culinary medicine program designed to empower families to incorporate healing, nutrient-dense foods into their family's wellness plan. Through arts, crafts, play, and cooking, kids learn about fighting bad guys (colds, germs, and even cancer), super-boosting their good guys, and having fun, all with delicious “fierce foods.” In every class, parents are also educated on the reasons and skills needed for buying, preparing, and serving “fierce foods.”

Class Schedule: Our Fierce Foods Academy cooking classes are open to families who have a child fighting cancer (in treatment, survivorship, bereavement). Events are posted in our SuperFamilies Support Network, our private and secret Facebook group for families. If you’re a SuperFamily and not yet a member, please click HERE to sign up.

Free Downloads: Access THIS PAGE for free recipe and resource downloads and materials from our community-based Fierce Foods Academy cooking classes.

Individualized Nutrition Support Initiative

Every family who signs up for MaxLove Project is eligible for fully funded professional dietitian counseling focused on quality-of-life care for the whole family. Counseling sessions are tailored to each family’s unique situation: child’s age, diagnosis, stage in treatment, and food tastes. MLP has sponsored professional counseling and continued follow-up for more than 300 childhood cancer families. This support is non-clinical, supportive care designed to complement treatment and survivorship plan goals and objectives. Dietitians range from functional and whole foods based expertise to Ketogenic Diet expertise.

Application Form: Our Individualized Nutrition Support Initiative is available to families who have a child fighting cancer (in treatment, survivorship). The application form is available by request only to those who’ve signed up to be members of MaxLove Project. If you’re a SuperFamily and not yet a member, please click HERE to sign up.

Online Support Group

More than 1,250 families are actively engaged in our professional-dietitian–monitored private online group we call the MaxLove Project SuperFamilies Support Network. Every day, parents of childhood cancer patients and survivors ask questions, share successes and failures, post recipes, and offer and receive vital emotional and informational support. The group is monitored by professional dietitians who specialize in anticancer nutrition. In the future, with your help, we want to break the group out into small groups of 3 to 4 families who share similar diagnoses and are at similar stages in treatment. Each group will have its own dietitian and family counselor available for questions and encouragement. Research suggests that these small groups will be even more effective at producing positive, healthy lifestyle changes. 

SoCal Broth Bank

MaxLove Project partners with the Electric City Butcher in Santa Ana, CA, to provide therapeutic bone broths to families in need locally who are facing childhood cancers or a related pediatric life-threatening illness. If your family qualifies and is in need, please consider utilizing the link below to sign up for the program.

MaxLove Keto

Ketogenic diets (KD) are very low-carbohydrate, adequate protein, high-fat diets that cause the body to use fat as a primary fuel. There are many different ways to do the diet, but each type of KD has the common goals of 1) lowering blood glucose (i.e., blood sugar), 2) lowering insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels (the chemicals in our bodies that let our cells use blood sugar for energy), and 3) raising ketone bodies (i.e., biochemicals our livers produce from fat that our cells can use for energy in place of blood sugar). By altering the levels of these three substances in the blood, KDs can potentially suppress growth in many types of tumors.

Hospital-Based Culinary Medicine Collaborative

In order to provide high-impact and far-reaching culinary medicine programs in pediatric healthcare settings, we've brought together an innovative collaborative to build this pioneering culinary medicine program and study the use of the “Fierce Foods Kitchen” mobile teaching kitchen unit in the hospital setting.