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At MaxLove Project, we invest in hope. Together, we're kickstarting our own thrive revolution, one specifically for kids fighting cancer and life-threatening illnesses. Our programs and services are free to families fighting childhood cancers and pediatric life-threatening illnesses.

Use this form (below) to join MaxLove Project's SuperFamilies Support Network, an online Facebook group serving families facing childhood cancers in treatment, survivorship, and through loss. The group provides essential social support, daily posts of wellness and cancer research, Fierce Foods recipes, and information from integrative medicine practitioners. Each official new member will receive a kickstarter Welcome Kit containing our Fierce Foods Guide as well as our Super Duper SuperKids Thrive Guide. Your information will not be shared with any other organization, nor will it be used for any purpose other than joining MLP and receiving information and support.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to broadly advocate for families so that these services may be offered to all children from within each and every hospital across the nation. Thank you for your interest in collaborating to build a new community of hope, helping our kids fight cancer and life-threatening illnesses at the hospital and at home.  — Audra & Justin, Max's Mom and Dad


SuperFamily Support Sign-Up Form

Requestor's Name *
Requestor's Name
One of the benefits of completing this Sign Up Form is that your family will be connected to our SuperFamilies Secret Support page on Facebook. Please provide the email associated with your Facebook so you will have access to this group.
Family Phone Contact
Family Phone Contact
Please tell us more about the SuperKid you are supporting: age, diagnosis, stage in treatment, treatment facility, Facebook or social media page, and tee shirt size. We use this information to ensure that we are truly serving SuperKids fighting cancer or a related life-threatening illness. We do not require social worker certification, we we appreciate your support in confirming this information.
SuperKid's Full Mailing Address *
SuperKid's Full Mailing Address
This is used to send our Welcome Kit.
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Acknowledgement *
I acknowledge that I am participating in an informal nutritional support group and other related programs organized by the founders of MaxLove Project, a nonprofit organization. There is no financial obligation and my participation is voluntary. I agree to be added to MaxLove Project's mailing list. I agree to hold MaxLove Project harmless and understand that the organization and its representatives are not responsible for my choices or my child's treatment. I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in a support group and any tips, advice, or suggestions acquired therein are not to be construed as medical or treatment advice. I also understand that MaxLove Project has the right to include and exclude participants in this program at will.