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Wellness Ways


The heart of every MaxLove program is the BE SUPER Action Plan: a 7-part list of the most powerful, evidence-based, health actions that families can engage in at home, outside of the hospital to help their whole family thrive against the odds. We understand, however, that childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their families often need therapeutic approaches that alleviate pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety in order to engage in BE SUPER Actions such as eating a healthy diet (EAT Super Fierce Foods) or getting vigorous physical activity (UNLEASH Your Super Strength). We call these therapeutic approaches WELL WAYS.

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Well Ways to BE SUPER

Acupuncture and therapeutic massage

Many children undergoing cancer treatments experience debilitating side effects from neuropathy and nausea to fatigue and pain. Acupuncture and therapeutic mass have been shown…


Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that come from hemp and cannabis plants and act on cannabinoid receptors in the human brain. Thanks to state-level legislation in the United States, xx states allow legal sale of cannabis patients and/or recreational consumers. While the evidence base for cannabis is still small, it is rapidly growing, and suggest potential benefits in cancer patients for nausea, pain, fatigue, and mood. Preliminary laboratory studies also suggest potential cancer inhibition.

In the state of California, where recreational cannabis sales are legal for adults over 21, MaxLove Project supports educational forums with physicians, nurses, and licensed cannabis distributors to inform adults who have been affected by cancer about the potential therapeutic benefits and safe practices of medicinal cannabinoid use.