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Culinary Medicine Collaborative


Culinary medicine is the practice of using real food to restore health, reduce side effects of conventional treatments, and improve long-term quality of life. Through culinary education, positive social support, and rigorous nutrition research, the goal is to turn food into a positive and beneficial facet of any lifestyle medicine intervention to improve quality of life and support disease prevention.

Structured, hands-on culinary education is recognized as a necessary condition for dietary health behavior change but, due to issues ranging from space challenges to safety concerns to the lack of well-vetted curriculum, its implementation is limited and uneven within hospital settings. MaxLove Project has been offering community-based Fierce Foods Academy cooking classes since 2013, but in order to provide high-impact and far-reaching culinary medicine programs in pediatric healthcare, we've brought together an innovative collaborative to build this pioneering culinary medicine program and study the use of the Fierce Foods mobile teaching kitchen unit in the hospital setting.

Our Culinary Medicine Collaborative partners are:

  • Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

  • The University of Arizona

  • Willett Children’s of Savannah

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Community-Based Fierce Foods Academy

The Fierce Foods Academy (FFA) is a collection of programs that center on risk-reducing and quality-of-life-improving whole foods. The programs range from direct education and professional counseling to social support and therapeutic arts.